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Reading the news

Do you read the news everyday? In English or in Japanese? Recently, more and more people read news online, through an application on their phone or their favourite news site. However, recently I received an English language newspaper in my post box. It was so nice to read a real, paper, newspaper again! Reading the news in English is a great way to improve your vocabulary, even if it is difficult to understand everything. Make sure to review any words you don't know, make a note of them in your own homemade dictionary and find some new words you find interesting!




Are you getting ready for the summer?

As we move closer and closer to summer, it seems like every day is hotter than the last. What do you like to do when the weather is good? If it's not too hot, I like to have BBQs in the garden, drive

It's getting hotter!

As summer approaches, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. And, it seems, Shizuoka is getting wetter and wetter! I wonder, will this years summer be hotter than the last? Will the rainy season be


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